Where would you most likely donate your money?

2021-09-05 21:00:45 EDDIE

Animal & Special Protection Choose 43%

Medical & Health Choose 19%

Environmental Protection & Climate Protection Choose 14%

Diesetry and Hungerhilfe Choose 14%

Children's & Youth aid Choose 10%


I prefer to donate my hard-earned money in animal & species protection or in environmental and climate protection, as for people who destroy this earth anyway.


I "donate" for both human and animal rights, for the LBV, for the Foundation per biodiversity, for the Björn-Steiger Foundation - and for Greenpeace!


I have been donating to doctors without limits for several years. Medical emergency aid is something very important and I like to support it.


I'm sorry, dear people but the world / earth belongs to animals, and not the people.


I find ridiculous that people are worth less than animals. Of course it is a pity that a tieR dies out. But I do not understand how some animals are more important than children in Africa who have to die every second.

Where would you most likely donate your money?