Why no warning at vaccination advertising?

2021-09-05 22:01:34 FLORENCE

Why is not the typical sentence "for risks and side effects read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist."? Is that that you do not vaccinate yourself?


This sentence is used only for drugs. A vaccine is not a drug. It does not heal and does not support the healing process.


Yes, you go to a doctor. And that leads with you an educational call. So, ask your doctor automatically in vaccination


That's a very good question.

I would suggest that the intentionally not wanted so is - in addition, in this context, it would also have to admit that the findings would like that. Still pretty vague are ...


Before each vaccine, get a consultation. So why should this notice appear? The vaccine will not be over the counterSimplies.


What the FRG is currently powering is unlawful anyway, that interests that now not anymore. Another reason I can not imagine

Why no warning at vaccination advertising?