Why do nothing with church have to do?

2021-09-05 23:07:06 LLOYD

The church has just allowed himself much too many scandals in the last few years and alienates Totally what they should be. And I do not see it a tax to pay that a church gets already enough money, and in the past children raped, people erupted, burned witches and exploited people. I can also believe in God, but I should also close to my creator, and according to my knowledge, Jesus never mentioned something of a church or are I going wrong now?

My question now what do you think of it.

PS. I'm not atheist! I am a believer but no church.


These deeds of members of the church, especially the Catholic, has always existed, but they were capped as long and swept under the carpet. And that has changed, it comes to the public up to the misfeeds of the upper.

This celibacy already leads to the above-headed people, the name of which I can leave away. Even in their schools, there were in series with incidents, so these are no individual cases and need to be clarified well so that the abuse does not exergerate. Church exits of the citizens in series, years ago this was still because of the taxes, now it is the frightening misfights of their representatives.

https://www.sueddeutsche.de/polITIK / VATICAN-Catholic Church-Abuse Scandal Chronicle-1.4339949


I find personal beliefs have neither what to do with religion nor with the church. At the end of the day, it's about being a good person who does not disregard God and does not deny. If you are a believer person and believe that what happens in the church, not straight church, then step out. You are your own gentleman, you are still exactly as much value as everyone else and you have the right to listen to no one, because you keep your way for the right one! Blind obedient was never good, so go your own way, show God that you are an independent individual and can be proud of God,That it gives you.


The church has allowed himself much too many scandals in the last few years

No, she does not have. Compared with other groupings in our society, these are far below average and especially the sexual "abuses" on protective bolds are relatively lower compared to other areas of our society.Tatache is only that they are considered in the ecclesiastical area - rightly, as the moral Claim is close and higher. And the church must be measured by that.

Never mention Jesus something of a church or are I going wrong now?

Yes - at least conditionally. Jesus spoke of his church. How the community of his followers organizes itselfHe should not say that he did not say that. The word church comes from the Greek and belongs, for example, "the Lord (Jesus)". Of course you can "believe" without church. However, the church has taught faith and has repeated countless insults since the existence of the first communities. How should people without books or the ability to read them also know what and why they should believe?

Why do nothing with church have to do?