Why give girls with flat breasts?

2021-09-06 00:09:01 ALFRED


More and more often like boards show their "ass" or post pictures of themselves in the bikini. I mean you do you, but I wonder what. There is nothing there what they could show. In the end, she only got Hate for that. So why do they do? Do not understand it if you even post such pictures, but if you do not even show something ... Last, I've seen a girl who has posted pictures of your ass and played with Pfand Emojis, but it had nothing.


You do not have to understand everything. You can find Vlt only nice and want to share. And honestly little chest and more of something else. Where I know that .... I have the experience often enough and that's what I'm watching. Must also be personal.


They have something to show, namely that they feel comfortable in their body and that they are not interested in what others think.


Maybe because they post the pictures because they like them and not to offer people like you something for the eye? Is nice if you can show yourself / want to get complex wars due to such statements


So even moreRST I find it incompetent girls who do not have much chest circumference to call "boards". Especially as an adult man ...

The girls have self-confidence and feel comfortable in their body. I do not want to specify nor any common comment.


And why do you get Hate? Because types like you think they have nothing to show.

Why should girls hide with small breasts? Even petite girls are allowed to be proud of their body and show him.

Why give girls with flat breasts?