Do you have a mouse with cable or without?

2021-09-06 02:03:01 MONA

If you have both, then the tuning that uses it more often and more

Without Cable Choose 63%

with Cable Choose 38%


I do not like couped rodents, therefore only "mouse" with string. An input device of this type with funk would otherwise be called "hamster".

But in Ernst, Bluetooth has for itself (M.E.), if necessary, too much uncertainty potential if you mobil should be reliable on external input devices.

Then at least one combination made of battery + BT and alternatively attachable USB cable connection.


I actually use a mouse with cable connection. A wireless computer mouse can be practical, especially since you have less struggling with "cable saturates", but I got used to mice with cables.

10 years ago I have a small, wireless mouse for my laptop at that time used. Unfortunately I have ICh but eventually lost the small USB stick for the mouse and could not use it anymore.

Hope you can start something with my answer!

Greetings! : -)


I use only wirelessly because I hate it when hanging on a cable. As a result, it limits me very much in the mobility and annoy me often ...

Therefore only without cable.

For controllers, it looks the same way. Also, I hate to use controllers with cable, so I only use wireless controllers. Also looks like the headset.


Weighs less and you do not have that problem that the battery is empty in the most adjustable moment.


At home without, in the work with.

Do you have a mouse with cable or without?