Is it possible to contact the deceased?

2021-09-06 04:06:01 ARTURO

Is it possible to contact deceased by means of a medium?


can succeed if one and alone on the God frequencies is 1 to 5 megahertz.

But always goes wrong if a co-wesentender does not vibrate at the same frequency.



I say Tell yourself in thoughts with a person so just think that you talk to her or make it a while you are not crazy .

But I believe that you could lead dead again to life and that you can eventually prove scientifically or so

Besides, the medium must be good and that's hard to find


It is possible. However, it is difficult. And not every person can be a medium. Or better said, Dat least are so good that they can really speak specifically with violism.


No, that's definitely not.

There were some people who claimed have that. But that could always be exposed as a deception.

Partly as a true self-deception - the person believed that even though they could not.

partly as a real deception of relatives.

and in some cases of real scam to come to the money of the customer.


I do not know if I'm thinking of it but my mother is convinced and has often made this glass back and "contact" to her Deceased Mama recorded.

I do not find anyone should say that itThat gives or does not exist. Since everyone himself should form his opinion and try it at least.

Is it possible to contact the deceased?