Gaming Youtuberin?

2021-09-06 04:09:13 ROSS

Hello, I want to become gaming youtuberin and I have a few questions about youtube channel What do I have to pay attention to, if I create a channel I have to set a lot? I take on OBS How can I get a good quality What attitude is good? How do I have to make my channel so I get well? How do I set my first name for live streams? Which video editing program is good and easy to understand? Which filters on OBS should I take for my microphone? What do I have to pay attention to the video description on Youtube? How do I get to the YouTube trends faster? What do I have to do so I am successful. (I do not only make youtube for money I want to make other people happy too)!


What's your name on YouTube. Or how do you want to be called. Then I like to follow you there and help you further.

Gaming Youtuberin?