Let's take the death penalty would be able to be completed again in Germany. Wha

2021-09-06 06:04:04 EMMA

Selects something.

Am an opponent of the death penalty, but wanted to vote choose 50%

Gift injection choose 17%

Other method Choose 17%

Obids Choose 6%

Electricity Choose 6%

Press CHOOSE 3% Threading Choose 3%


So I am Gerenerell also against the death penalty, but if the gift injection would still be the most humane variant.

Why I'm against the TotaTrafe?

If a judicial suture itself is never 100% excluding a clear confession. To make such a backward is not

As a convinced Christian, I believe that no one, even no group of people has the right to decide on life or death of a fellow human being.

Current extends because of the FI switch mutually an electric chair can not function. LG, Anna Luz Death as Penalty has no deterrent effect (see US statistics). if tried here nowwill (theoretically) implement the implementation, then the death penalty is too short in just one variant. Why do not make the execution depending on the crime? A faster "gentle" death acts Sometimes for outsiders as too small / fast punishment. The victims / relatives usually have "lifelong". The relatives will not be better with a slow or painful death of the offender, but could possibly achieve a higher deterrent effect. I save here to enumerate the possible ways to promote someone in the hereafter. I see for my part, for particularly cruel crimes, another punishment as a fairer, but that is another topic. Kathryn NLet's be taken to the death penalty in Germany, which implementation do you want you? Oh, the method I would not care, but I would have 4 conditions for the death penalty: The killing must be carried out by the judge who has arranged it. The relatives are to be informed personally about the judgment and the execution of the execution by the judge who has arranged them. In the case of a judiciary, the judge who has spoken and executed the execution, in the duty to inform relatives personally about his mistake and his actions. In the case of a rough judiciary is the judge who has spoken and completed the death sentence,Like a murderer to be treated, he also has to pay for those inherited to the members of the right-directed damage. Roosevelt None of the proposed possibilities. There are always malignancies. Miscellaneous parts with death sentence can no longer be corrected ... ... and if yes, the dead has nothing more. Derrick best bags or to death tickle! But now without fun, nobody wants the death penalty and according to the Basic Law it is forbidden.

Let's take the death penalty would be able to be completed again in Germany. What implementation do you wish?