How do you finger a girl?

2021-09-06 13:06:58 MARCIA

Have my first time soon and wanted to know how to do that?


This is partially individual. You can also try themselves and take the lead. But only as long as she likes.

You can make things like, normally 1-3 finger in the hole, then turn out and move a bit. Then you can rub on the clit (or circular motion). You can also delete the entire vagina from top to bottom.

Let your imagination stay free in the run, but always remain sensible and do not tear off the lips.

Piece Out


best ask the girlfriend. She knows best what you like.


Finger Rinn and Down


Look at some porn where girls are looking at or Fingered wEarth.
Of course, you can practice it with your girlfriend.


In the East it says:

"Rinda Inne Linda"

How do you finger a girl?