Fill a dream?

2021-09-06 17:03:01 LEAH


I have set a goal for 1/2 years. And I like to become a doctor. I've done this year to come to the 11 (EF). Now I see people at school or in everyday life who have a better brain than me and there will be like many questions in mind if I will be able to become a doctor ... I'm really diligent in school, but when I'm in the presence Lessons I am back and too much again and sometimes. I do not know how to reach my destination, I want to make everyone in my family happy!

Do you have a few tips on the way as a doctor or too very good grades?


The dream is still far away. First you need a good graduation closure, then an admission to a university for medical studies, then 12 semester studies, which means always learning to learn, before you will be a doctor.


May I give you a general tip? If you are from nature a hardworking person then then put your goals as high as possible but accept if sometimes something does not work as you imagine. But if you have already given 110% then, then a setback is far from being as bad as many other.

In the sense, try, simply "your best to become a doctor but is not too disappointed if it does not work. What you got to energy is siCH maybe pay to another location :) Good luck


Abitur with Summa Cumlade, then it works


You do not have to be the Be best. You have to be blossom stubborn and patient. Then that works.


Without a very good Abi and subsequent medical studies, nothing is done with the dream occupation.

and diligence alone does not require a prerequisite for it.

Fill a dream?