Which man would you decide?

2021-09-09 23:07:08 TAMMY

To the women: which these three men would choose?

Man A: End of 20, has an average job where he does not deserve much but is sufficient for him because he can handle money well . He looks averaging, he is not ugly, but rather unobtrusively, nothing special. He is not super intelligent either, he is not stupid, but rather average. He is very loving, but something shy. He is an introverted man, does not have many social contacts, but is faithful and is there for others. He tries to pay close as possible to his fitness and nutrition. Maintains as well as possible, but not too exaggerated he uses his free time to be creative. Loves nature. Enjoy the quiet moments. He has a small apartment,But is neat.

Man B: Mid 20, has a good job where well earned. Is very intelligent, but arrogant and sticks to something better. He looks good, pay attention to the care, but exaggerates it. Has many social contacts. Is very popular. Celebrates regularly. But pay little for his health what the diet is concerned. He is not very faithful and also likes to use people. He has a big apartment, but it is messy.

Man C: Mid 20, is unemployed, but makes a lot of a job, but fails. He is very intelligent, but does not look like that. He looks okay, no model, but goes through. Has very little social contacts. But is nice. In his free time he is doing a lot, he makes a lot of fitness, like to travel, is artistic BegaBt, like books like books. Has a mediocre apartment that is off and too messy.


should still be a survey


All three have their good pages.
Basically, I find A and C most of the most interesting? We are happy to be creative and I'm very interested in others.

B sounds like someone who can have nice casualty, but in which one should not fall in love.


If I were single, in any case C.

When searching, I would support him. The rest fits. If you would twice, you would come to my beautiful house anyway.


A Man who is in all by-cutdlch would just bore me after a time and I would lose interest in it. C Is absolutely not my case. And B

Would be well, but still too many negative traits and characteristics that I would just disturb me personally and with whom I would not come clearly, that's why none of the three are not all my case.Da I prefer to be single. :)


I would decide for man A.

Mann B does not work, I've already noticed this from line 2 and initially not read. In the end, I got man B again until the end and he became increasingly unbeatable.

Place 1 = Man A

place 2 = man C

place 3 = man b (but I would rather stay a single single).


If the chemistry is right:

A! ;)

B Could you tie me on my stomach, Nothing would happen ...;)

Which man would you decide?