Glass bottles Choose 57% Plastic bottles CHOOSE 43% Madeline actually plastic because easier to wear or on the go. Also does not give everything I like to drink in glass bottles. Would like to buy less plastic ... If there is so automatic in my closer ar
Do you prefer to buy glass bottles or plastic bottles?
Marlene He has allowed her to transfer German tax millions to the United States through Cum & Ex. See 75A4-4031-A9D7-68CA53C839F6 https://s
What does Olaf Scholz have to do with the Warburg Bank?
Would that be bad? Marsha No, that would not be bad at all. But on the contrary. Everything is better than CDU / CSU, SPD and GREEN. We have to finally become more progressive, open to what new and the party has next to satire also a very good election p
What would happen if
Pizza Choose 77% Pommes Choose 15% Chips Choose 8% Erika pizza, best homemade, thin and with 3-4 ingredients on it, not more. Anne Pretty poor, your selection !! None of them, since I prefer vegetables and salads eat. Brendan I can do without the other.
What do you like most of this?
When I order at McDonalds I get my food in less than 1 minute at Urger King who always need 10h it means "fast food" "Slow food" I am Burger King fan and rather less McDoof fan ... but What speed does IDT McDoof more and more faster than Burger King King
Why does Burger King Vieeeeel need longer than McDonalds?
At the swine flu, there were 2 vaccines of a Baxter, I'm looking for such an impingance. Observed live viruses without any adjuvant. I do not want a tollic fabric with adjuvance, - aluminum connections or other. Is that already in the making? That has ad
Is there a live virus Corona vaccine without adjoyance like Baxter at the swine
If so, how old are you? Which gender? How many are you in the family? Do you attract something? No, I live in no choose 95% Yes, I live in a FKK family Choose 5% Jon depends on what you understand under it. We drive again and again in the nudist holiday,
Do you live in a nudist family?
If you are eg. The opinion is the abortion murder, or that a fetus should already be treated as a person, then the circumstances of his creation do not change it. Natalie This is a really good question! I have never understood why suddenly differences ar
Why do many people who are in principle against abortions are exceptions, for ex
Logically, the ones that are not interested in such as gays etc. I ask from curiosity Suzanne I would rather mean that the overall "picture" must vote for me. Of course, there are also certain instincts with pure, such as the lactation in the early child
What will your men find so fascinating to women's breasts?
I had M16 had written in my last question that my girlfriend W17 wants a threesome. We also had him, since I wanted to fulfill my friend. However, the other young M15 had a bigger penis than me. Now I'm scared that my girlfriend finds him horny than me.
Other boy at threesome had bigger?
Bin 13 Leland Smoking is more dangerous than the vaccine, which increases the risk of severe history. KIM 1. Smoking does not increase the risk of side effects in vaccination 2. However, smoking very well increases the risk of a serious course of infecti
Is it colorful when I vaccinate though I smoke?
Inadvertently I have overlooked a peach in my waste bag (located in the bathroom), who already started the shimmin. Since then, hundreds of hundreds are frolic in my small bathroom (!!!!!) MIGHT MANY FRUIT. I have opened the window wide, even at night. w
How do you get lots of massive fruit flies best?
EDMUND 10000 people were interviewed. Jan Survey Jerome Insa- Opinion survey: Team Todenhfer is up to 9 percent. Every third, who knows Team Todenhfer, can basically imagine TT. The prestigious opinion research institute INSA has carried out a representa
How do you find that
I just stare for the ceiling and start crying immediately. I have a lot of often often. I do not really know where that comes from. Especially at night it is the worst. I can not really believe in words like everything feels in it. It's all empty. Ida Go
Why do I just cry?
Would be interested. No Choose 71% Sleep without pajamas Choose 21% Yes Choose 7% Hugh I did not even iron my suit shirts when I worked ... : D (C) OUCHII ISAAC I basically only sleep Nagger / Naggerd / Naggisch / Naked In this respect, I do not need to
Are you ironing your pajamas?