Are restaurants only for rich?

2021-08-23 19:01:15 IRENE

Previously, one often went to a restaurant with the family on the weekend. Now nobody can make a restaurant visit. Even for special occasions is cooked and if you then go to eat out, it's "only" a pizza or a kebab.


There are all you can eat restaurants, because the adults pay 13 € per person, the children 8 € or something. Is in the end at 60 € with drinks, that's alright


Nobody? I always see a lot of people sitting in restaurants, which I would not count to the rich. For each person you arrive at 15-20 euros for a good meal with drink.


Well, I'm certainly not rich, but still go in a restaurant. But my iPhone 7 years old is old, my MacBook also in the age and wardrobe only 2 meters wide. I think it's more about what you want to spend your money for.


I consider an exaggerated assertion. Especially since "rich" eitherne definition matter is.


Nobody can make a restaurant visit? Here were all the restaurants several times over the weekend.

Are restaurants only for rich?