Legalize Cannabis?

2021-08-23 22:00:57 ELAINE

In Germany?

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  1. Premise: The legal status has no measurable influence on the dissemination of a substance. Drug consumption takes place.
  2. Premises: Drug use is always associated with risks, even under ideal conditions. Some risks can be reduced with appropriate use. Residual risks remain always.
  3. Premise: Consumption of unregulated black market drugs is even more dangerous due to dubious business practices and unknown composition, as drug use under ideal conditions.
  4. Premises: Anyone who is able to consume risk arm needs no protection through the state. Anyone who is not able to help can not prevent consumption through a ban anyway.

These four pUnects are to be understood as a basis for discussion.

️️ A legalization not only of cannabis, but all drugs seems to me. Through subject and situation-based education, as well as providing high-quality substances, the usual consumption could be made safer than it is now.

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to be observed that the damage and addiction potential of the respective substances should be considered in the manner of legalization. There are more concerned and less questionable substances (no harmless!) which can be regulated accordingly.

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Cannabis belongs to the substances that are more easily regulated due to their comparable small potential.

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Simple model for regulating cannabis

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Design of a Cannabis Control Law

    , from the Greens

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LISA not that I have the pleasure of the Kiffen's friends who are sincerely waiting for it, but given the realities, that would be a meaningful measure to end an unnecessary criminalization of consumers and to reduce a certain health risk due to stretched 'goods'. It should also lead to a certain relief of the investigative authorities etc.

Legalize Cannabis?