Is sex with 15 too early?

2021-08-23 23:01:04 DESIREE



No absolutely not!

Sex is my opinion only too early when you feel uncomfortable.

As soon as both parties feel comfortable, no "too soon" I had my first time with 14 already

Have fun and success both :)


If the mental maturity is available, why not. It looks different from traditional families, in which regularly the daughter's virgins is checked. But in such municipalities, the girls are so proud of their exams that they would not enrain anyone. At most oral playing or massaging the clitoris.


Ne, I (W15) had my first time with 12, that was probably early, offHe with 15 is normal


If you both feel ready, then it is Oke. But I find it better if you still wait, so you can not regret it afterwards


Since I want to give the answer that our daughter (today 18), her love life irritate, under Note on an old proverb, when "earlier" and her first friend is talking about: "Young never strewn".

Our daughter already had sex with 13. She had the said friend and asked about the pill. She did not look at 13, as if she were 18, but the sexual maturity with bosom was there. My wife and I myself were rather late, we had no interest in sex at the age; However, we have concealed our daughter,So that you do not get the impression that is unnatural with your awakening sexuality or even unnatural. But the friend was sympathetic to us, and we never had to ask what we said if he had committed us suspect.

Is sex with 15 too early?