In which eye look at eye contact?

2021-08-23 23:01:48 JACKIE

The question is probably extremely stupid xd but I do not know when eye contact where I should look. Normally, if you look at something, both eyes are focused on it. So I can not watch both eyes at the same time. So far, I just always looked in the middle? That it looked normal for the other but that was not pleasant for me. Do I have to look in just one eye or how does that work? : D


Honestly, I do not pay attention to that, but if you realize that the person feels uncomfortable then look at what else.


Just as. Look on the nose root, between the eyes.


You should work on it, ... I'm looking forward to the eyes ... the eye .. and that should be feasible.


Uff, I do not pay attention. I hope that your question does not come into my head when I look someone in the eyes xD.

In which eye look at eye contact?