Relationship with girlfriend?

2021-08-23 23:03:10 PAT

My girlfriend trembles and her heart knocks quickly when she sits on me. Besides, she is shy when we meet. Do you think you like that? That was whenever I touched them where they told me that she would like it. So that was a special shaking somehow so you think she liked that? The girls themselves know it best. And if she was serrated, she came closer to me.


I think that you liked it maybe it's unusual that a boy is doing you there but I think she likes it it's just for you it's still unusual it will be with the time you See your boddrogar when you get closer to you it means it likes it but I can say nothing right now I say only my guess


The tremor is completely normal in shying people (I know from my own experience) Just ask her so often if she feels good and everything is good :)


Oh man, I feel too good.

I also tremble every time I hug my friend or sit on his lap, but in the good sense! I think she'sIt too, but is probably a shy or something. So do not worry. : D

Relationship with girlfriend?