Could I extend my quarantine?

2021-08-23 23:06:44 AMANDA

Hello, Bin Corona has been positive and today my two weekly quarantine was finished. I had entered the quarantine diary the last three days that I'm fine and I have no complaints. Today I was called by the doctor who can end my quarantine and meant that I can be released from the quarantine if I have a negative antigen test. Then I was on the way to the test center and could hardly concentrate me, had a headache and sweated myself. Therefore, I could not go to the test center and now feel bad since then. Therefore, I contacted the doctor and portrayed in the situation and he said I should go to the family doctor and let me write ill. Could not the doctor just my quarantineExtend?


Then I was on the way to the Test Center and could hardly concentrate, had a headache and sweat myself.

Then you have a health problem with Corona has, since your test was negative.

So there is no basis for a quarantine extension, then you need a sick message from doctor.


No, he can unfortunately not. However, your family doctor can charge you a sick leave. As soon as possible, no Covid test and if it is positive, then quarantine again.

Good luck.


Do what the doctor said.

Could I extend my quarantine?