I was discriminatory and marginalized today?

2021-08-24 05:01:52 ERMA

Today a kebab wanted to eat at the Dönermann. Was asked if I want to eat in the store as always, I meant yes. But only when I'm vaccinated, recovered or tested. I had to eat my kebab outside because I am healthy and healthy people are clearly marginalized. I am neither recovered, vaccinated or tested, I'm just healthy. Who feels like the policy as well as left and left?



I (W, 17 unpavated, not recover) sometimes have exactly the same situation as you.

I try that as well as it Going to bypass because I want to avoid conflicts.

That's why I also do the tests and so no one should complain.

And even if you do not have the 3G rule, you should still not be marginalized.

We were all together and had problems, but were never marginalized. Now that has become different and now we all filter after the 3G rule.

We are people are reasonable.

We know how hard it is up to date.

But one should not exclude people only because they are not vaccinated or recovered.

SoFor a long time you test, you are also responsible opposite the company.

And that with the doner has just run badly with you. :)

Next time, you know that you need a test.

Do not a head.

There are other people.


WTF Let's just test or vaccinate it is about the health of other people and therefore one should not go to goodefrage.net and complain about that you do not have a risk for others may ...


First whining is that you are locked up and absolutely want to get out.

Then you are outside and I really want to go back in !!

In every society, there are now rules that you canto hold. In this special time, there are special rules. Who does not stick to it, borders itself! Gloria Your self-assessment according to (abandoned, left) I do not really keep you for healthy ... Beulah You would be the only one who was not vaccinated as a healthy person if he did not want.

I was discriminatory and marginalized today?