Why does he write that to me after meeting?

2021-08-24 05:05:18 CHRISTOPHER

What does this mean for him?


He distinguishes it clearly that he likes you, but in my opinion does not dare to confuse her true feelings. I read it so that he does not want to override you so you do not feel overwhelmed. A very sensitive man who is now waiting for your reaction if you feel as well.


Hey I also believe that he does more than just like, otherwise he would not have written to you. Just ask him how it looks to him. If he admits you that he has fallen in love with you and you also have feelings to him, then you should take your chane might take and give him a chance. Because who knows how it can be with you and maybe it will be a good relationship if IHR both feel the same. Just as I just try to find out how his feelings are from him to you

So now I hope I could help you

Greetings Samy


He would like to have any contact with you, because he likes you very much.

More is there, only he expresses a bit awkward.


He likes you, probably more than you think !!!


Hä what do you do not understand about it

Why does he write that to me after meeting?