Is that a sin?

2021-08-24 06:05:18 ALBERTO


My best friend has sworn to me somewhere. Not normally sworn but sworn to the Bible. Oh well. She has broken her promise a few days ago. Now I want to eat the Christians here. Is it a very bad sin so something to do? Well, she still does a sin because she wants to hurt himself.



Christians should not really swear. Jesus said:

  • "You have further heard that to the old ones is said," You should not swear false oath and should keep your ide the Lord. "But I say that you say that not to swear at all, neither in the sky, because he is God's throne; nor at the earth, because she is the stool of his feet; nor at Jerusalem, because she is the city of the Great King. You should not swear by your head ; For you can not do a single hair white or black. Your speech but be: Yes, yes; No, no. What is about it is from evil. " (Matthew 5:33-37)

All our sins are awarded to us if we sincerely ask us and repentSo do to make ourselves firmly and try to refrain from misconduct.

God is pleased if we ask him in prayer to forgive us and likes to give us, because he is gracious and merciful and loves us:

  • "But if we confess our sins, So he is faithful and fair that he forgives us the sins and pursues us from all injustice. " ( 1. John 1.9)

In addition, Jesus has spoken several times that we should do "repentance". Finding has nothing to do with fines, but means "changing the mind". So you should try not to commit the sins and improve his behavior. Nevertheless, it can happen that we expire again into old patterns and commit sins again. There is also a VERent.

God knows our heart and our innermost motives. We can not fool him. He knows if we are serious at the request for forgiveness or not.

The goal is to lead a life that pleases God and behaving as he wants it. Such a behavior also benefits the creation and fellow human beings.


In the Bible, which one should not swear.

We should be a yes and ours No, a no.

Is there no big deal - it is not you forgiven.


Although I'm baptized and staged s but not so of religion.

Nagut so to solve your question:

In this case she has sworn in the word of God und, in the case of self-harm, breaks out exactly what was again a sin again.

I would definitely take the break of the swing as a worse because you show that you do not loves God and blasphemes it quasi

To resolve I would pray Rosenkranz proposal and a visit to the chairstool.

In the end, however, you should not forget that God loves us all and Jesus has died for our sins.

In addition, do not worry about your life, you still have enough time to wash your debt back.


This is more of a childish stupidity, and no sin. But - honestly - what are you doing? Because of such a tininess you do not get up.

Is that a sin?