How can I improve my Turkish?

2021-08-24 06:11:09 TIMOTHY

I have the problem like many other Turkishly stumbling teenagers, which I can not speak Turkish so well. I just have friends who are no Turks and I generally speak a lot of German. I am ashamed of something for it and look forward to your tips , Thanks in advance


Look at Turkish series, words you do not understand you can write down and ask your parents what they mean.

Series I recommend (there is everything on YouTube)

  • Kyria Cicekler
  • Aramizda Kalsin (but the 1st episode is missing)
  • Hercai
  • Baht Oyunu

I have more such series, if you want it. (Tell me then what kind of movie would like.)


Language learning apps such as Quizlet, Duolingo or something in the way you can search for learning sets / courses and see vocabulary there , write to practice and also hear ...

In addition, I find movies in the appropriate language always helpful ...



Use an app to learn about languages, e.g. Duolingo I think very great;)

How can I improve my Turkish?