Is the fault with me and what can I do against the bad conscience?

2021-08-24 06:13:34 SHAWNA

Hi all together,

I have a totally guilty conscience.

But I'll start past the past.


I had Judo training today.

And when warming up we would have to throw our training partners.

I have my training partner (I call it now Ronja) thrown, and she's not really liked, and caught with the elbow "."

We practice every workout right fall, but She was not there for the last 3 weeks.

That's why she did not really like it, and has probably hit the clavicle.

You mean that it was not my fault, and that you do not really fell.

Also my 3 coaches have said that I meanr Not so many thoughts should do, and that sports accidents happen.

But Ronja was then brought to the hospital with the ambulance.

I've just got the bad conscience totally bad, and I'm really bad before the worse conscience and fear.

Is my guilty conscience correct ???

Is the fault with me ????

I think so, although everyone says it is not that way ...

Please, I'm totally desperate !!!!!!!!

And are afraid, and me is bad !!!!!

please !!!

Thank you for the answers!


Listen to you!
I can understand that you feel very bad now but you have nothing? So I mean if you are now accused of all the time it will not be better ... Apart from that you are to blame or not you have to be careful somehow ... but please listen to you all the time :( It could have happened to anyone ...

If you get out of the hospital then you can just get a small gift as "excuse" and is good :)


No there have the others Already right, you have noticed everything from the side, so do not hurt you. It would only be that if you really have traded simply what you do nott done.

Conversely, if you would blame someone if the person has thrown you and you had something happened? If you tell you so many that it is not your fault, you should also believe that slowly;)


What should we write otherwise:

You If they did not intentionally violate, it was an accident. That happened.

Buy a chocolate chalkboard and visit the hospital. She would certainly be happy.


Come down !!!

The blame is not with you!

That's what your trainers have already confirmed.

But I would vllt you visit in the hospital.



passes. Man can never avoid any accidents.

That you have a guilty conscience is normal, but you do not need that

Is the fault with me and what can I do against the bad conscience?