When did your friend talked to you in the beginning of the relationship with you

2021-08-24 11:04:23 NATASHA

And he also sent intimate things like pictures in boxer shorts with excitement?

How was your reaction?

P.S. The question is also about people who have no sex before marriage.


My last girlfriend and I had already made that before our relationship. However, only pictures came from me after I had the consent that they were alright.


This is your XTER account for your overpowering request to send your girlfriend to your bump in the boxer shorts because you mean she is so beautiful.

You can talk to her about eroticism - if you want that too. But you can turn on the head: the strict ban will continue to send your Albernne Bump. In your interest in this love.



In fact, we have never really talked about the topic, but then had a relationship after 7 monthsBoth looked at and knew now we can try it and it worked for the first time

He knew that I needed me, so to speak, and wanted to talk about something about something in the beginning. Oh wanted to meet him. Yes, now we talk about it, but only that we know if everything is ok.

Now like 3 years, so everything fits and I'm 17 and he almost 21 exactly


Hello, I have with my friend but the first minute over the first minute Intimate stuff talked, I think it's important that you can talk about everything, but we have made that we have nudes / underwear pictures only on request so almost never :) That's both unpleasant



Not. Because even before we enter the relationshipAlready, he knew that I am asexual and no interest in that. He respected that.

When did your friend talked to you in the beginning of the relationship with you?