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Hey so I've just looked a bit on the internet and there is that you may have from 15 with older sex because I'm pregnant with 14 and only 1-2 months before birth 15 I'll ask myself if it is for the father will have consequences. The question refers to France

And how is it in Germany? He is 20 I am 14 will be in March 15 and he in May 21?

(please do not reproach me I know that I'm too young but so it's I'm also engaged with the child's father etc .)


There is that you may have on from 15 with older sex

Where is this?

The protection age is in Germany at 14. Sex between persons who are Having reached the age of 14, and older persons is therefore legal from a few exceptions. The 14th year of life is completed at the end of the day, which precedes the 14th birthday.


Germany: If you were already 14 when your sex has not done you for sex paid or presented and your sexual inexperience has not exploited, he did not make it punishable.

France: The protection age was recently introduced. It is 15. Among them, the sex must not be considered a consensual. Except:

"With support the REGThe Parliamentary Commission brought an exception to the impossibility of consent to the game: If the age difference is less than five years, the or the older is crimeless if the minors have agreed in sex. "





But between you are six years and thus the incident counts as rape. Even if the sex was actually consensual. Rape is punishable, so did your fiancé made punishable.


Unfortunately, I do not know myself with the legal situation in France, but here in Germany is sexual intercourseLegal from 14 years, provided both agree! So you will not bloom any consequences, except the concern as you can take care of the child (financially related).

Darryl Germany: Sex is legal from 14, father pays for the child. TERI Fairy Tale Counters