Sexuality as a stress?

2021-08-24 18:00:59 WINSTON

I personally see sexuality as a burden and load, but that is probably true for all wishes. It would be best to get rid of it.

But I do not know exactly how, I can get rid of it permanently.

That's why I ask how I can be completely asexual? Because sexuality is not necessary if you do not propagate, right?


Chemical or operational castration. The question is, in which far the feasible / allowed / allowed, and whether you can bear the costs.

Alternatively, this ends with a therapist or doctor. Not that your aversion has a completely different reason against your sexuality.


gives a few options:

  • Excessive Sports
  • Mönschspfeffer and generally the drugs group of Anaphrodisiraka
  • turning to religion or spirituality
  • Chemical castration.




Hello Ultrainsam,

1) leave Islam. Because the vorelich sex ban is obsolete in civilization. In contrast to 1400 years ago, there is clarification, condoms, prevention and pill afterwards. Allah can not justify the ban.

2) looking for a love. You will find that with little empathy, humor and charm. And know. Just read a newspaper more often.

The girl does not have a beauty. Simply gently and nice. As you.


There are drugs for this.

Sexuality as a stress?