Funny if you like it if the friend is foreign?

2021-08-24 18:01:40 GENEVA

Whenever I'm in a relationship, I find it horny or maybe when my friend would be foreign or strange

Is that weird or why is that?


Maybe it's the feeling that he hurts, probably another woman, when he gets up after sash and attracts to come back to you. The feeling, I'm better like The other? He hangs on me, no can be as great as me? ... came to me only in mind. And won steady to think about it


So it's not normal but not bad either

is a fetish

Talk to Your friend, so he makes even with something with


This is normal, just not normal in society. Many people have this preference, this fetish or decide for polygamy or polyamoria, are bored by strict monogamies "peacefulacting "restrictive relationships. The question is whether you only like the imagination or even the whole thing in real, which can cause a feeling of emotion.


It is unusual

But if it takes you,



Ne is not "normal," something is quite unusual. Why do you like that, you will like that sexually Attractive if he drives it with another? - I do not understand it.

Others suffer right heart pain when the partner is cheating and you will find it cool - simply weird.

Funny if you like it if the friend is foreign?