Do you have to vaccinate against Corona?

2021-08-24 18:02:16 VERONICA

Hey, would be interested if you have to vaccinate against Corona and if no, why not?

PS: Am once vaccinated and wait for the second vaccination.

Yes, I am completely vaccinated Choose 48%

No, I'm not vaccinated because ... Choose 37%

Yes, I am once vaccinated Choose 9%

No, but I want to vaccinate or have an appointment choose 6%


For me, there is no reason for vaccination because it is just protection and there are much more people died to Corona than the pair of vaccination that were actually sick and it's not at all The vaccine was. I would rather afraid of Longcovid. The doctors recommend vaccinations and if they had something, why all have themselves vaccinated. This bullshit of vaccines does not come from professionals but of anxious people who do not know how doctors! So we have been waiting for a vaccine sooooo and now we have you and can stop the whole and now the vaccine opponent all with your bullshit though you do not have any idea. Please vaccinates with it and does not stop on the doctorsThe Fakenews! I stand behind each of the vaccination


The vaccine for me makes no sense and the vaccine was developed so fast.

And I do not care if me believes it Not, people know the very strong have vaccination side effects. But not a single Corona patient with a serious course.


Hey, I am once vaccinated and see no reason to make me vaccinated :)


Why should I? People who are vaccinated will seem ill again. And I do not bury the people anyway or cough in their face


The life is more relaxed


I have my first vaccine appointment on Thursday

Do you have to vaccinate against Corona?