Which power claims are powered by?

2021-08-24 20:03:44 ANTONIO


arrives on the gear.

In mafious groupings, tribute (protection money) is required, decided what is built in its own territory where and is sold to whom.

The criminal the gear is, the crassers are the demands they can place.

If it is threatened with the murder of a person or its family, it can be demalited in principle that someone is blank.


But true power is a potential. As long as someone is convinced, you can print or compulsion or ensure that it is bad, he will bow to this power and avoid that it comes to "penalties".

And that is in principle already the recipe for success. Nobody knows exactly who is still with DIN and how big the powerreally is and since one has become part of fear and also fears consequences, the police do not switch (which could do nothing from the point of view of the affected anyway).


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/bande_(Prange )

Which power claims are powered by?