Quotes of Tigerstern?

2021-08-24 21:01:20 KELLY

Does anyone have short quotes or even good are just as short "things" he said, it does not really have to be such a big quote but short and crisp or so ... (okay, that sounds funny but I sound like hope you know what I mean)

If you do not have something like that, maybe you remember a job in the tiger star, or just what has been decidedly said as it has seen the dogs on the thunderclo ,

I hope you know what I mean and have any answers!

otherwise long zizate I am pleased about any answer!

LG GlacierClaw


Hallöchen GlacierClaw!

It's a little longer that I have read the seasons with tiger star, but I can still remember the following quote:

"We will destroy the clans"

is nothing big, but better than nothing XD

LG Lenydiemango