What do you think of the Scholz from the SPD?

2021-08-24 21:03:59 AUBREY

What do you think about the Scholz of the SPD and why is the grade at all in the election of the election?

NIX I hold from the choose 52%

I hold a lot from the choose 48%


or somewhere in between! Scholz is undoubtedly the best candidate that the SPD can prove. CDU / CSU and green did not do that in my eyes! However, they have decided the SPD members in a great choice against Scholz and for the party barks and escares. So if Scholz is good, should not really choose SPD. Scholz is as a chancellor candidate of the SPD in a very questionable role!


I think he is very competent and experienced. He also has very good ideas for the future. Of course, he is not perfect, but compared to the other candidates, he is really good.


Because the others remove in comparison.

I would like to be so right kneaDesire candidates, where you feel that you check what it's all about and who has the situation under control. Then I would like to choose from. But what is presented to us on candidates is ne embarrassment.


He works a bit more serious compared to the very incompetent Baerbock and laser and can line several sentences without Patzer. The problem: He has some personal format. His own party did not want him as chairman. If he would chancellor, then only with Baerbock, Esken, Wissers and all the other left-green hardliners.


Hallöchen said.

Competent? Yes quite.

factual? Almost too much.

But the worst thing: he does not even have toine own party quite behind.

Is not the question not really futile if you do not have a real decision violence in an still-forming government in an end effect? He could even become Federal Chancellor and still do not "rule" really ".

That makes me much bigger at the moment.

Greeting from Berlin

What do you think of the Scholz from the SPD?