What is your favorite subject?

2021-08-24 23:01:30 MELODY

Hi Community :)

What is your favorite subject at school? I also agree! Would be interested in which specialist wins.

LG Blackmoongirl ♡

Geography or History Choose 24%

German Choose 18%

Math Choose 18%

Biology, Physics or Chemistry Choose 12%

Foreign Language Choose 12%

Sport Choose 12%

Music or Art Choose 6%


Hello my favorite tray in school.war had been sport. Today I wish you.lg Klose11


I just love it because it's many different topics are available. Above all, the topics are exciting where you have to write stories yourself, because you can then be particularly proud of what you have created yourself. ^^


Physics, Math, WR


Smiling Tiger


Actually Pause

But if I have to decide, then art. This is still most bearable.


Actually, my favorite subjects are politics and ethics, but the two are not there. But I also like Spanish and French:-)

What is your favorite subject?