How do I get better in drawing?

2021-08-25 02:04:00 JACKIE

Well, I want to get better in the analog, as well as in virtual drawing. This has several reasons: for my dream profession, on the other hand as "hobby". Have experienced among you tips for me? I would like to improve myself in proportions, positions, shades, etc.


On YouTube there are many videos on this topic and otherwise helps only practice practicing and practicing.


I started first. I refer to Procreate drawn, I only painted with pencils and, for example, mangas and something drawn to come to the basic knowledge of anatomy and perspective. Then I have continued to expand my horizon accordingly accordingly and I have been an incredibly good draftsman after a year. If you really make several hours every day, it takes only half a year at talented. Look at videos by drawing what I know what you want to draw step by step, and Male 1z1, always and again 1zu1. That's how you know how itRight and can draw the picture alone after a lot of reshole. Also try several videos because you can see several Youtuber with different drawing styles and then determine your own.

I can put you so on the way.


See the note regarding anatomy:

or: / offers/autor=jose+m.+Parramon&titel=Wie+ Antiewerkne+ich+ People




by practicing.

How do I get better in drawing?