Help, my brother "Tools" Our cat and dog?

2021-08-25 04:01:24 DONALD

My little brother (12) "abused" our animals. No, he is not beating her, but he does terrible things. What is he doing? He puffs dog or cat in the face. He burp dog or cat in the face. He pupst dog or cat in the face. He was already bitten slightly. My parents do not do anything. If you are there, he does not so extreme and puffs them at most. I said my parents and only said that when the animals get too much, then they already know to defend themselves. But since that has become worse. I've tried to scold with him and then he just laughed and suggested me as the animals .... that's really too far. What would you do? Do you find that normal?


Hello SISSA205

I can not understand that here as many things play this as stupid, or boredom, or advise you You should also deal with your brother. I find it great that you like to use yourself for your animals and help them.

The worst I find the reaction of your parents. It can not and may not be that he treats animals so disrespectful. Although there is no torment, but since he does not show any respect and compassion to the animals, the way is to torture animals later, maybe not far. Finally, he is already 12 years and should have an understanding of it, the adjusting, suggesting or advancing is not cool. Whether human or animal!

Your parents have the duty to bring their brother to the respectful handling of animals. Do you have a grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, with whom you can talk about it and get you support? Do you already have a cell phone and you can take such an action from your brother for your parents?

All the best



If he has already been bitten, then only waits. I would not say anything in your place, that sounds like he's just looking at attention. If a cat no longer has a buck, then ate him at some point the cranny paw through the face. Then I would laugh at him in your place.

Otherwise, I consider myself who would do that of my cats, would be theGet claws through the face ...


It may not be a torment in the sense, but still this behavior is disrespectful. I do not know how to do something like some here Games. The brother's time is now that he respects zero other living beings and it's great to be associal. Do not surprise me if the in a few years begins to torture animals properly or abused.


Well, my brother sometimes makes a shit sometimes just as a shit but is not directly animal tormenting I think my brother makes such a shit rather rare but my kindness what you have to do your parents take care of the way


Make the same timeWith your brother he makes with your animals. If he then finds it stupid you can ask him if he thinks it pleases the animals ...

Help, my brother