Baerbock or lashing?

2021-08-25 05:02:55 MARGIE

Hello community

My question Why you choose Baerbock or Lashing. I'm definitely the Greens. I do not really like the CDU generally and there is still a lax to which I feel as an unsympathetic and incompetent

Baerbock (Greens) Choose 100%


Sorry took me to the survey. So not surprise :)


And you do not have to convince me of something. May not choose anyway


Strange, with me it is exactly the other way around. I feel Annalena rather than unsympathetic, incompetent and impossible to serve.

Otherwise, survey is also very subjective ... why would I choose the ... as I said, Annalena I do not choose. If, then I would probably choose SPD to prevent a green guided government and if then in 4 years the option between Söder and AfD is open, then I can still consider whether I want to choose CDU or not.

For me, the Greens (at least at federal level) KeiThe plan that somehow manifests itself well and with SPD green mergers have just made unemployed people before a few years ago not too great experiences. But nice that you want to loosen the fetters of the Hartziv, which you have created the people at that time ... is somehow embarrassed in my eyes.


Maybe a symbiosis arises - Lashing or so.


The second vote is crucial. Mrs. Baerbock looks good, I do not choose her. My experience is not the external appearance decisive.

Baerbock or lashing?