How to take off with 20 while living in a community of needs and can hardly save

2021-08-25 05:05:12 TONYA

Good day,

I have a problem and would like to know if there are people who know a little and therefore could give me meaningful advice.

I am currently 20 years old (soon 21 years old), study (get 483 € BAföG) and is in a demand community.

The problem is that thanks to the community of needs, I barely get money as my parents expect I compensate for the prints with my Bafög. We have agreed on 200 €, which I keep "allowed". Now my father awaits that I also pay electricity (1/3 of it - about 40-50 €). So I would have 150 €.

Sure, shitty, I could look at it over, but my father escalates constantly and it's really worse than you could think.

vDo not worry me, I'm looking for a mini job tomorrow, even if there are more deductions there.

Only I do not really know how to save reasonable, if the situation here is unreasonable and I barely have the opportunity to take off.

Thanks to BAföG I indirectly already debt and even if I save, it will take several months.

Is there any possibility?

A student residence would not make sense from next year as an option.

I definitely not lazy and do not want to lie on the pocket, but I do not really know what to do.

Does anyone have reasonable ideas?


Is it possible to pull in a WG? If you can retain only 150 to 200 € from € 483, your parents have 3/4 of your money, which is intended for studying.

Through the excerpt you are no longer a member of the community of needs and can additionally Jobben to build your Bafög. Your furniture from the nursery range for the beginning.



I had the same problem at that time in the age. Now I am 24 and live alone.

Since you are studying, you are entitled to child benefit and cash on the parents. But I do not think that your parents join in, and they would rather continue to provide accommodation instead.

Since you have the 483 € Bafög eggIn addition, the job center would be responsible for upgrading for you.

The first thing you could do would be a application for renting your own living space in the job center.

Otherwise, I can only think that you will agree with your parents, and they pay you monthly maintenance. There may be a lawyer if necessary. There are in the district court legal advisory certificates, for which one can advise for 15 €. Then there would be the opportunity to work. Jamie How about it a flat? That should be enough for the beginning. But pay attention to decent roommates who also pay their share of rent and electricity. TRACY How much money dou To rent your own apartment? Since you do not refer to ALG2 as a student, you can keep the entire money from the 450 Euro job. You are no longer a member of the community of needs. Your parents are not maintenance at all, and Bafög would have to get to the peak. You would have entitled to child benefit.

How to take off with 20 while living in a community of needs and can hardly save?