When are hedgehogs come out?

2021-08-25 05:07:00 EVAN

I would like to watch hedgehogs and feed them a bit with cat food and wanted to ask questions about which time hedgehog CA are seen thanks in advance


hedgehogs come out at dusk from 19-21 clock: 3 But it is extremely rarely to see one;)

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hedgehogs are nachective and come when it is dark. You can give them cat food, but please without sugar. Give it into a bowl and put it, go away. Maybe you'll see one then. But you can not disturb him, otherwise he's gone or does not come.


Hello Leglx,

As soon as it gets dark, hedgehogs come from their quarters.

We have hedgehog in the garden, which runs mostly so from 21 pm.


Please do not feed the hedgehogs. This is not necessary normally and only harms the animals.

Active Hedgehogs are usually when in the eveningTowns, at least with us you can then find them again and again between the fruit trees.


at dusk

When are hedgehogs come out?