Sleep her with clothes or without?

2021-08-25 06:03:44 HARRY

A friend of mine sleeps without clothes and I can not make friends with the thought. How do you see that?


I count in underwear to wear sleeping to clothes.


I think everyone should decide for themselves as he sleeps and what garments he has or not. I can say from my own experience that it is quite pleasant just to sleep naked when it has 25-30 degrees outside, but otherwise I personally is a guy underwear.


I only sleep in underwear. In winter, I also use a thin summer ceiling, in summer only a sheets. Otherwise I would be too warm for me. Do not know how to sleep in a pajamas ...


I'm sweater and jogging pants. Sweater for the reason because otherwise the official annoys me from the nose to DEn bare arm comes and that bothers. And I do not like the naked feeling if naked arm lies on naked body is a stupid feeling. Therefore always covered with sweater or T-shirt but then the arms covered with a small blanket.


Sleep always attracted. Mostly even with jacket XD could never sleep naked.


in underwear stop

Sleep her with clothes or without?