Why vaccinate if you can still transfer?

2021-08-25 06:05:32 MATHEW

Why do you vaccinate, although you can still transfer as a vaccinated corona? One could say theoretically: "Because you are so protected", but I am young, have a good immune system, already had Corona and no symptoms, not even fever, or coughing at all. Why should I vaccinate myself?


The likelihood that you are snepting is much smaller by vaccination -> lower likelihood that you are pushing others.

However, I am young, have a good immune system,

Unfortunately, many think and remember only on the intensive care unit that it was a mistake. P.S. There are also people like you who do not survive the second infection.


We vaccinate all to eradicate the virus as possible - and the more people are vaccinated, the less attack surface has the virus And so it can not mutate anymore. When too few vaccinates, the virus continues to move forward until resistant resistance and no vaccine can help. Then you are not sure anymore .. that's twiceEven so in rubella, measles, children's parals, etc.


Why create a seat belt in the car if you can still die in a car accident?

is a similar principle that dashing is only that you protect others with a vaccine.


Villing protects most up to 80% in front of the virus, as well as heavy progress, but it also depends on the Age and immune system of the individual.

There is no 100% protection.


Because the likelihood is much lower and thereby tackle the likelihood of others .

Asymptomatic COVID-19 seems to be on this platform Gang and Give ... But good, can be in boysPeople be like that.

Why vaccinate if you can still transfer?