Hamburg adopts offers only for vaccinated and geneses? What is your opinion?

2021-08-25 06:06:46 DERRICK

2G in Hamburg

Senate decides only for vaccinated and geneses. 2G rule-Hamburg-decides-as-first-offer-only-for-vaccated-and-genese.html

I think that's good and right! Choose 52%

I think that's impossible! Choose 41%

I am undecided! Choose 7%

Comic question! Choose 0%


The Unvacvedly can be infected and other and must therefore be protected. The shops want to make more turnover again. This can lead many vaccinously again to gain business and to spend money.


I think it's okay.


If I understood correctly, innovation, etc. have the free choice.

Grant e.g. Only vaccinated and recently access, then they may dispense with different editions.

Do you also want to grant negatively tested persons, this is also possible, only the full requirements continue to apply.

A "2G duty" is not in Hamburg.

It will be JEdem restaurateurs, cinema operators, etc. Isolated.


The 2G duty will come at the latest at the autumn / winter and not only in Hamburg.


I think that's right and correctly I find that you have the tests yourself should pay, too I would find it well, every travel traveler should be better controled


Good pace to finally grant the 2GS more freedom, as you have to suffer from the pounds.

I think with increasing incidences, it will seriously serve throughout Germany for the sanctars and the 2G.


I am not from Hamburg, but that's what Impossible, that's an indirect vaccineCht.

Hamburg adopts offers only for vaccinated and geneses? What is your opinion?