What do you think about vaccinating refusers who do not vaccinate from pure and

2021-08-25 07:04:16 ENRIQUE

I find harmful to society choose 40%

Can I understand because I am so choose 24%

other answer: ... Choose 21%

I find childish and stupid choose 14%


I have vaccinated, but in the climate of fear, uncertainty, conspiracy theories a fear, especially the corona vaccine.

I am very stressed for vaccination Stayed because I've painted everything possible, which could happen, so that in the word, my arm would no longer lift within the first 24 hours. But this happened but nothing except for the feeling of light muscle capers and only in the arm for about 10 hours.

I had previously experienced such a situation in my relatives in the nursing home, in which he does not his arm Lift more. So: he lay in bed and the arm could not be lifted from his own power from the mattress. (That had nothing wrong withto do the vaccine). So in that way, I had imagined that and then it scares then.

If someone has such ideas and is alone, which can not discuss with anyone, I will prove him his rejection of vaccination, or hesitation before, not .



I can not suffer from such egoist people at all.

can not be vaccinated because it wants others Not only a childish toddler behavior (in the kindergarten you often do not make something dangerous despite), but also dangerous. You endanger yourself (where I have less compassion ...), his fellow human beings and is "accomplice" that the pandemic takes even longer.

Who puts such a behavior on the day really did not help anymore!

And exactly for such people should be chargeable. And if necessary, you should also pay any hospital costs because I should not see it that you should give taxes for taxes!

Since I do not understand now anymore!



Pure despite I just find that stupid and naive. But there is really a group of people who have a good reason not to vaccinate. Whether pulmonary complaints, physical diseases in heart / lung or something else.

In public, there are only 2 pages, either vaccinated or the evil uncovered. To the other groups which do not have a clear opinion whether illness or something else, is more resurrectedHt taken.


Can not change.

Then these people have to live with the consequences.


And of course childish and stupid.

What do you think about vaccinating refusers who do not vaccinate from pure and refuse the vaccine more strongly, the more you want to convince them of it?