No life reason without God?

2021-08-25 13:08:31 MERLE

What do you do if you know that religion is probably not right, but you have no other life's reason? And I do not necessarily like to die.

Is religion not the only way out?

or how do you not turn through if you do not have a living in life and can not create any other?


I am religious, but also completely independent of religion, of course you can find a kind of life for yourself.

Without wanting to you now want to go too close to you should therefore depression Or have something in the way, maybe a conversation with a psychologist would make sense.


to have a sense of life means not automatically that one must also be religious.

Others find the meaning of their life in other things, for example the exercise of their hobbies, professional life, in the family etc.

If your life is missing, then try new things. Have a goal in life. For example, I then work with my drawings one day to earn good money. Ist a long way, but I also have my life time; -)


There is a difference between "belonging to a religion" and "belong to God". The religion - whichever - is not a being that loves you. It's different with God.

Sense is not possible without a target. If we have the goal of living with God in peace and joy, far away from all necessary, then every step towards God makes sense. Community can help us with people who have the same goal.


Eckhart great -> now - the power of the present


I can not make any religion advertising ....... after the motto main thing a little mysticism and a little higherS ........ That's really just a religion, just such a kind of well-being, but no belief.

Unfortunately, you did not say what you have for a religion at all. I am Christian and therefore can only recommend Jesus Christ.

Although many religion are allowed in a democracy, luck, so there is only a truth!

That means when you decide for a false religion, then you have no Fulfillment and no sense of life, as you should have.

Your question is somehow far too general, so I can not really answer it. Only one thinking, about your choice of religion.


You may also help YouTube videos, here the channels I find good. / C / Weselys / Videos

No life reason without God?