I just can not lead any relationship?

2021-08-25 14:02:23 WILBUR

Because I always think what if ..

I do too many thoughts ..

* Why should it fit?

  • What if It does not fit?
  • What if he leaves me later and only at the moment everything looks so nice with us?
  • What if I dare to hire your own apartment because I have the motivation through him and in the end he is not the right one?
  • What if I'm not happy later and my past meets me?
  • What if I end up alone?

I can not let me fall because I'm a headpiece .. I'm currently blocking with everything I also have private stress ..

Will I never lead a relationshipn can? Am I too negative? Do not want me at the end because I'm like me?

Just have too fear to fail and everything ..

And every decision you meet, this results in something .. I would have made another decision then this would be and that ..

It's just all decisions that you result .. it is not a fact he is with me: /


If AMORS arrow meets truly correctly, then you can not think of "clear" before loud in love. Then everything shifts to your gut feeling.

The concerns are in the background, that's a good thing. You can plan nothing anyway, because mostly it comes differently when you think

You are very headflatable, give your emotions a chance, then it is easier to find the right partner.

All the best for you.


Do you want to worry about your whole life long because maybe anything could happen? Would you like to allegate allegations because you thrown away a chance just for fear that something could go wrong? For me it sounds strong afterwards,That you might have made bad experiences in interpersonal relationships and probably not the best self-esteem.

Before you get a relationship, you should work on you. On your fears and your self esteem that should not only be strengthened by a relationship, so you make yourself emotionally dependent. But in principle you should try to allow your luck. You too may make new and beautiful experiences, not everything is always wrong and have a negative aspect. Happy to be happy to be with another person. Do not make the fifth step before the first. Communicator clearly and clearly your fears. Make yourself strong for yourself, concentrate as a first thing on DICH!

You will, can and should not force any other person to stay in your life. There is never a warranty but you can give the thing a chance and myself does not work as expected as expected, then you can still gain experience and thereby learn.


The problem has clearly recognized. Now it only need to fix.


We live to learn not to win.

- by Me, 2021

I just can not lead any relationship?