Does anyone know a good short joke?

2021-08-25 15:04:58 STELLA

If a horse goes into a bar asks the bartender: "Why such a long face"?


2 sheep lie on a pasture.

One: "Mäh!"

The other: "Mäh but myself -"

.... I believe this type of joke is not worth it that we are discussing it ....


  • What was the fastest train of the French? The retreat!
  • Why are Frenchmen always come up with sex? Because they can not hold the position!
  • What is a French rifle when it is advertised for sale? Never used, only dropped once!
  • What does a Turk to the baker? Back dat!
  • What is about 15 cm long, stiff and is pushed into a humid opening where it is moved back and forth? An e-toothbrush.

Nothing for offend.Please do not be mad! Love You All!