Family dispute: sister gets house and I nothing?

2021-08-25 15:05:33 PHIL

My parents have already promised me (26) and my sister (32) that they help each of us financially (equally sharing) when buying our first apartment / house. You have saved a long time. 6 years ago, my sister, with the help of my parents, bought a house half. There she lives with her husband and her three children. One of these children is unfortunately ill (very many allergies, incompatibilities and weak immune system - again and again ill). Since the doctors could not help, it was sent to a private clinic and has made several therapies. Now he's better.

Since my sister and her husband could not pay the high invoices alone, my parents helped with the invoices. You have a big partof the saved for my apartment, because the well-being of your escel, understandably, was more important.

Now my fiancé wanted and I wanted to buy an apartment because we expect offspring. Since we can not afford this without the help of my parents, we now live in a small rental apartment. Do not understand me wrong, a rented apartment is not bad, but my sister has a nice house with garden through my parents and I've gladly glazed by them. I am glad that my nephew is fine again, but I feel like the forgotten daughter. They would all like to help me financially, but no one has enough money, and my sister would never take off from her house.

What do you think about it? Am I selfish that I amFeeling me alone here? How did you respond?


I think everyone in your situation would be dissatisfied with the financial decision. Only this is no longer changing. Your focus is too much in the past in my opinion. Look forward and puts goals for your professional and private life. That's all easier said than done, but only so you can talk to your location.


Screw your demands down. Your parents are not obliged to put money in the butt. If you want a house, you will have to save. I would be happy for my sister, her house. It would be most important to me that the children are healthy and supplied.

Family dispute: sister gets house and I nothing?