What could that be? Does anyone know about you?

2021-08-25 15:06:14 JESSIE

Hey ... now probably comes the strangest question that I have made so far, but I'm busy.

In advance: I have depression and have recently been in therapy. No idea if there is a connection here, so I just mention it.

The following situation (s): lately it comes from time to time and time again that I am sure what to have done, but the memory of the execution is totally blurry, as if you look at Remember a dream and I'm not sure if that really happened.

Example: I was firmly convinced in one evening an important mail sent. The next morning I realized that I did not have written no, there was nothing to HindEuterte and remember that I was totally blurry and surreal.

This is just one of several situations and that always includes only a few minutes up to about 1 hour in which everything seems surreal and I've really doubtful, whether it really takes place ...

Does anyone know something like that? Can this be related to the depression or come from the antidepressant? Which experiences do you have with this?

Thank you and LG


It is unlikely but I do not consider it completely excluded that this sensation is related to your antidepressant. You should address the at least at your next meeting with the attending physician. However, these memorabilia could also be an indirect consequence of depression, as it usually consumes attention and border areas are hidden.


Hello Tallimaus,

It may be from Both come. I know that, himself had a depression and was very forgetful and unconcentricated.

Depression in addition to the main and body symptoms also include attention and concentration disorders, forgments and (short) amnesia. That's ugly, but itShould actually be with the Medik. Treatment disappear.

at tricyclic anti-d. include concentration disorders. Look into the leaflet, if it is a tricycl. is, then it is very likely that the problem comes.

If your Depri was more likely to be accompanied by slowdown, fatigue or lack of concentration, you can ask if you have a Mao -Hemmer, can get, for example, moclobemide (strongly drive-bearing, lifts the mood and psychomotive activity, relieves exhaustion and concentration problems). But not everyone tolerates the Mao inhibitors.

But if you had a lot of fears and restlessness, Duloxetine ( Cymbalta®) could restore the coentration (and relieve anxiety).

If it interests you (also professional), show here . But the choice of the best by means we have to leave the professional woman.

What could that be? Does anyone know about you?