What to do if the ex does not rest?

2021-08-25 15:08:12 ROSE

Hello everybody,

I have been separated from my ex for 15 months, I was the one who has pronounced the separation after cheating me several times.

Since then, I have no peace in front of him, he has fought months, but I did not want to give more chance, since he had many. Since I've no more contact attempts, you always ignore it, he overturns me with news and letters. He bypasses blockages, he gets new mobile phone numbers to write me again, I get hundreds of news from different numbers via WhatsApp, then it continues by SMS, I will receive on all sorts of networks permanent messages, it is not to be appropriate. Last, I even had a note in the mailboxThat I'm finally reported to what I was too far.

There are already 15 months passed, I have said it several times clearly that I do not see any future more and have no feelings for him, that he should leave me alone. I also gave him several conversations, I could not do more, though he was the one who had a fault of the separation. He does not accept it and means that I would belong to him, so totally possessive, what he has always been.

Does anyone know what to do in such a case here? Somehow it makes me scared me, because he is so intrusive. Do you have tips?


Log and reimburse the display ... That's stalker and has to learn it on the way. Apply for a ban mile to the court ... can you do without an ad. Go to the right-hand care in the competent district court and write down. If you have evidence that please take away and do not let it go


I would go to the police. You should not give him a second chance, because at strange you should always end the relationship. LG


How old are you and is he? If he is a minor or so you can complain with his parents otherwise you can believe him. I hope I could help you :)


You can in the scrollHe should stop it, and that he does not get a chance anymore ... If it still does not stop I would also go to the police


Speech with your parents about it u keep all options open. , also an ad because of Stalking ...

What to do if the ex does not rest?