Did the citizen lost confidence in the state?

2021-08-25 19:00:46 MAGGIE

Citizens put on lightning dummies to brakes to raspers, paint zebra strips or even bike paths, on how they are my dangerous ways, go neighborhood strips ... etc


Unbelievable! Remmo Boss wants to make the Görli sure

theft, drugs, violence. The Görlitzer Park in Kreuzberg is the crime focus of the Berlin green facilities and anything but a family paradise. Ironically, the clan, on whose account theft, drugs and violence go, wants to ensure security there.

https://www.bz-berlin.de/berlin/friedrichshain-kreuzberg/ Incredible-Remmo-Boss-Will-Den-Goerli-Safe-Making

No Choose 58%

Yes Choose 42%


Good morning,

I would rather see that as individual cases.

That you help yourself because it's the fastest way to go immediately As action against the state see.

Basically, I find it good that people are so committed, even if you can criticize that "self-justice" is not the best remedy.

To this park I can little say, since I have never heard of it.

But I would not call this action. That's why you have not lost confidence in the state for a long time.

Nevertheless, all a nice Wednesday!


Good morning Stormy and the morning round,

So attributed zebra strips and speed camera dummies.It is not me.

That is probably self-protection of the citizens. In the housing estate in which I live is actually Tempo 30, thanks to Navi, the motorists and the heavy traffic are pointed out on this supposed abbreviation. When jammed again at the A93 Munich - Kufstein, or A 8 Inntalautobahn, there is a great speed, instead of staying on the main road.

Before our house "Traffic-calmed" brake thresholds are built, with 80 Hourly kilometer no problem :), so completely sense. Serves only for orientation if someone who comes to me finds the house between the two humps so the same.

Radar was once installed, but in the opposite direction: (.

Families with children mark your basicCuck with bright-colored objects, hoping that someone finds the brake pedal.

Berlin and Görli :), Well, since you had to clean up many years ago.

Tolerance is in Berlin yes capitalized, then you have to live with the consequences. Maybe one comes from the rain into the meager, who knows.

My confidence in the state is limited. Especially in court judgments, cuddly justice and if perpetrator protection goes against victim protection.

I wish you all a nice weekly divider.

Best regards



Good morning,

"Citizen" has lost confidence in the state, as most of the citizens of this country both constitution and stateInstitutions continue to appreciate and respected. A few spinners (Reichsbürger, Civic Wilt, Sharia Police, etc.), which can mean by the laws of the country, will always give it. It will be important in the future that in particular the police gets harder and recruited the lost respect.


Good morning,

You have to differentiate - and yes, I have to differentiate Know some who have lost the confidence in the state or much more in rural areas, after whose deputies always got big eyes and hot ears, when press photos were kinked, but in the end then effectively "nothing" has done, the helped people and improved partly precarious conditions.

The main reason for the existence and rapid strengthening the AFD is in about this milieu and ultimately to find in the failure of the Groko and the (Merkel) CDU, which has ruled past "people". Especially the rural area is a great germ cell of the AFD - people are not necessarily brown, but disappointed and do not know what they should choose; They feel sold and demonstrated - even in West Germany. Anyone who scolds on the bad East makes it easy.

In a traditionally very CDU-burdened small 3000-inhabitant place in my (Westdeutsche) home, the AFD had become the strongest strength in the last choice -----> Even if I do not stand the AFD nearly, understand I partially and had it in advanceCeremated. In this course, I met a 87-year-old man from there in 2017, who chose the AFD and stood. He felt himself believed to tell me about the "tie carriers, who verify at the press photographer grin and promise the blue of the sky" (O-Tone). Nothing, he said what the CDU and SPD members promised in the Schützenhaus at the election campaign of the village community every few years, was ever held; much more was only "compacted, promised and broken" and he is not the only one who thinks, but one of the very many - I also know of intellectuals with good education and good occupations, which neither couples nor "not very dense "or brown are, but sympathize with the AFD because they are their own more conservativesValues ​​in the (Merkel) CDU no longer found. I can confirm that because I know the "scene" in the place and their problems for years also from my former municipal political era very well and must say -----> It does not surprise me that you chose protest the AFD because you no longer dare to the people's parties. Especially in rural rooms, more and more people feel out of the "folk parties": the current policy distributor is mostly due to the failure of these parties. Before the press is often preached by the "rural area" and its importance / value, because it sounds good and the people want to hear that, but after the choice won hardly a MDB or MDL wants to know more of it. No Union, who after each electoral sleepPPE is "sad" and then nothing changes, it takes to complain about non-voters or AFD feed.

Incidentally, I'm not a raging citizen and would never choose AfD, have only understanding; I was even CDU municipal council and am politically a left-to-date conservative on the left of the middle, with my views mostly exactly between CDU and SPD. I drove a clear line as a municipal council: we are not representatives of self-interest, but local representatives. And decisions are not hit fractional conformity and not to say that, which would like to hear all sides, but after expertise and explosiveness. Did not like each.

Most likely to have reasonably trust, I have partially, but not unrestricted and healthy suspensionn is also attached to the state: Trust is good, control is better.

Here is Herman Van Veen with his comments on the "Grand Hotel Germany".


Blitzer dummies and painted zebra strips are in my opinion rather signs of indignation than for loss of trust. What the Remo Boss told the BZ is honestly completely sausage. Since I prefer to trust the police and the judiciary that finally woke up and work that these people disappear there where they belong to the jail.

Did the citizen lost confidence in the state?