Is it cheating if the partner drives on single websites / apps around?

2021-08-25 19:03:54 MELVIN

Hello Ladys and Gentleman,

I have been in a relationship for more than 2 years. Actually very happy, now for about 1 month I suffer from lowest disappointment. To describe it: I got my partner not even three weeks ago, in the morning when I was awake in front of him, I saw an inkognito activity on his display so it ran something in the "background" (first, signs of hide) went I gradually landed on different apps one of them called "Lovoo". There he had a profile with a wide variety of chats of any Sch ******, I'm immediately erased because that's easy fraud in my eyes. Just because a person did not have sex with someone sex that should not be called that one should be bilateral. I am NatüRich had been so smart and have really photographed everything to detail - showed him and he stalked it anyway and deleted all activities on his own mobile phone (second note for cover-up). In addition, he said he said he would not make porn anymore, which is why he preferred it at this time to indicate a "real", in my opinion, even worse, and apart from that, we have to finish girls even when the Partner would rather go down on porn than sleeping with us (as a partner). Unfortunately, he went so far that he exchanged naked photos with a stranger extremely full-year woman ... what still hurt me very much. After the whole thing, I gave him a chance in which he should prove to mehe still wants me and this relationship, there are some untypical situations that we have lived through together why I'm crass on him and I'm really sad :( Anyway, I got an email this morning about my own mobile phone (from his Email account, so the message also came to me) and in the bar just stood "flirt" so I clicked on it again and had to go through the whole pain from before, because there was a complete profile to recognize what he was has furnished with a really good looking picture of it and details such as: hair color, size, residence (where our joint address is standing because we live together) and still an indication such as: "Looking for girls between 18-25 years". I cute it eInfach only on and I feel fucked from the front to the back. To the men out there you would do something in a relationship? Can anyone tell me Why did you ever do something of his wife? You do not know how much suffering and pain you triggre in a woman, which I just ask the complete relationship and every lucky moment in question because everything lied to me. And to the girls what should I do, so far I said I want a relationship break but I'm so damn fear.


Hey! So: what you should not do now is to project that on all men, because the cards are pretty open so far, the women just as much, even more foreign than men yes! So the female sex is almost worse, just do not make it so obvious, while somewhat stupid man even has to pretend! If you ask me! Then pull without if and but a final line, because I can promise you that now that you can never be happy, and he will do that in any way again and again, that's safe! If one really loves, then man does not need porn or any other chats or the same, because then man wants to be fun with this womanAben, and is really looking forward to her when she comes to her home or the same, and the energy is preferable to do what he can do something good, as you prepare a small picnic before, before your work Doing or similar! So it is with me if I love whom! I do not even get the thought so much honestly! Draw a line and forget the, because that's not a man, that's a disrespectful lollipop! LG


I, M28, would not use a dating apps within a relationship.

Among other things, I would not consume porn in society of my partner, but rather concentrate on them.

About the further course of your relationship only you canGentiles.


There are also people who are content with changing figs. Nevertheless, one could do without a friend who believes he needs such a thing.


That would be "ticked off" for me. Should he give himself with those. I would separate myself without if and but. Better an end with terror, as a horror without end. Even if you "hang" at him. You are afraid of alone. But are not you that already when he walks around the platforms all over the platforms?,


That would go to me in the scope. Let's check out his market value on such a platform, I think I've been diagonally, but I could still live with. But such activities would be TOO Much.

When I asWoman is no longer stimulating for him, he has to look for another.

Is it cheating if the partner drives on single websites / apps around?