How do you really feel?

2021-08-25 20:01:07 WINIFRED

Often it is so that if you ask one as it goes, you just say that everything is good, though that is not true in truth.

If anyone wants to get rid of something, I always have an open ear for everyone and will not condemn.


It always depends on who asks. I know exactly who just asks the question. If friends ask me, I'm sure you really want to know that. The rest is not concerned if I feel bad, especially since the question is not meant seriously.


I usually think and say how I really feel.

If I do not want to say that, I just take a break or question: And how are you? Mostly they fall in, because they have not serious anyway.


Sometimes I say badly, most of them look astonished because they do not expect such an answer.


My grandmother had always responded: "Testn is yet locked. "Then she went fine

How do you really feel?